MailerGlue – An easy and cheap way to build and send emails in WordPress.

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We're building a new email plugin for WordPress called MailerGlue and offering you early access.

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When we launch, it'll be with the ability to send campaigns to subscribers. You'll connect to our email sending and manage your subscriber list with us.

From the start, MailerGlue is built to be performant and secure (meeting WP VIP standards), and extensible (with lots of hooks and filters).

Here's a quick preview of MailerGlue

MailerGlue email builder

Our email builder uses the already-familiar WordPress editor. But with custom email blocks. You'll get extreme control including mobile options, line height, and lots more. At the same time, nothing will break in Gmail or Outlook.

MailerGlue's dashboard
MailerGlue's Campaigns list view

Manage your emails and subscribers with a modern, clean, and fast UI using React and Tailwind.

Who are we and why should you should trust us with your emails?

Lesley Sim

Ahmed Fouad

We’re the team that built Newsletter Glue - the email newsletter plugin that’s used by some of your favourite publishers including Digiday, Pew Research, The California Sun, and The Daily Dot.

We’re building MailerGlue because we want to look beyond newsletters and tackle all emails in WordPress.

Up next, let's look at some comparisons.

MailerGlue vs Newsletter Glue

Newsletter Glue is the best email builder for editorial teams, 10x-ing the speed of their daily newsletter production. It connects to existing email service providers so editorial teams have a better day-to-day experience but still keep their automations and segmentations without migrating.

In contrast, with MailerGlue, you'll get the same powerful no-code email builder. And you'll get to manage your subscriber list with us and keep your own data. You won't need Mailchimp, just use us for all your marketing emails and plugin email notifications.

MailerGlue vs Mailchimp (and other ESPs)

Mailchimp and other email service providers connect to WordPress, but also Shopify, Wix, Hubspot, and lots of other software.

They aren't focused on deeply integrating WordPress plugins and aren't as familiar with the ecosystem.

MailerGlue is inside WordPress and will work with many different plugins – allowing you to set up, trigger, automate, and write any email.

For a fraction of the price!

MailerGlue vs MailPoet

MailPoet has an amazing integration with WooCommerce (its parent company). However, it lacks deep integrations to other popular WP plugins like GiveWP, AccessAlly and more. In addition, its email builder is custom built with limited functionality. 

In contrast, MailerGlue uses the existing WordPress block editor, so it's more powerful and more familiar. The goal of MailerGlue is to integrate with popular plugins (and also make it easy for developers to integrate their own plugins), so that you can earn and grow by sending more relevant emails to your customers/students/donors/subscribers.

I can’t wait to share with you what we’re building.

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MailerGlue will be ready in 2024.

Here are the features we’ve planned for the launch:

  • World-class email builder
  • Subscription form
  • Welcome email
  • Unsubscribe page
  • Manage a single list of subscribers
  • Connect to our email sending service
  • Low price


Lesley Sim
Co-founder of MailerGlue